Curious ending adds to WWE's intriguing McMahon-Owens feud

Curious ending adds to WWE's intriguing McMahon-Owens feud

Curious ending adds to WWE's intriguing McMahon-Owens feud

"Black is east! Up is white!"

MATTHEW ASHER: I can't be the only one thinking that 'Nak has been booked so wrong since appearing in WWE Proper.

Well maybe that's not entirely true. There is a huge night planned with several championships being defended and two Hell in a Cell matches. So, for the better part of the last few months the King of Strong Style has looked like a fool against Mahal and never got that revenge everyone was waiting for. Noteworthy moments included Owens crash landing into a wooden table as he attempted to cannonball McMahon, and McMahon kicking a trash can into Owens' face after landing his signature move, the Coast to Coast.

-While Owens/Shane had the biggest bumps, the best match of the night was the tag match in the Hell in a Cell that opened the show.

But oddly enough, it's not the stunt itself that people are still talking about.

Seriously though, when McMahon last jumped off the cell against Taker at least you could see there was a massive bean bag hidden in the table to save him from the impact.

After a sickening brawl between the two saw them trade unbelievable blows in, out, around and on the cell, Owens would end up the victor with a little help from Sami Zayn.

Kevin Owens is such a tremendous bad guy. It's another thing to witness them. Zayn was always just on the edges of the story, with Owens pointing out how he'd barely been used and McMahon ignoring his pleas not to fight Owens. They didn't waste time using them, but neither team took control throughout the match. The match was seen as one of the most brutal matches after Kevin Owens had head butted Vince McMahon in the previous episode of Smack Down live. I know I'll be watching. If they get another cousin NOT named Dwayne or Joseph to be their backup, I could watch this feud go on for a while.

There were so many sequences to get excited about. There was even an extremely creative spot as one of the Usos was trapped in the corner, and Xavier Woods trapped him with kendo sticks. Corbin says he's not handing out any title shots to those in the locker room, they need to earn a shot if they want it. Corbin says he doesn't respect anybody in the back because he's the champ and he's going to do what he wants, which has worked out pretty well for him. Mojo broke up the pin, but got tossed from the ring. Charlotte vs. Natalya may continue after 'Hell in a Cell, ' but the expectation is something big is happening for them this Sunday. I think we all can agree on that.

In the single's match, thereafter, Randy Orton defeated Rusev to maintain his winning streak.

The first match on the card was really exciting.

"Jinder Mahal has done an wonderful job in recreating himself". Roode got the win, as we all predicted, and then Ziggler hit the zig-zag after the match.

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