Trump says US must 'wipe out' Puerto Rico debt

Trump says US must 'wipe out' Puerto Rico debt

Trump says US must 'wipe out' Puerto Rico debt

In 2010, the Puerto Rico Government created a walkway for building statues of presidents visiting the island, and as of now, it has nine statues including Franklin D Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, who visited the countries in 1934 and 1960 respectively.

Yes, Puerto Rico has only confirmed 16 deaths compared to New Orleans' 1,800.

But why is this important?

"That is what we do in America".

He added that the power grid was "devastated before the hurricanes even hit". When Irma passed, many in my family were relieved that nothing too serious happened.

More than two weeks after Hurricane Maria, the island nation still faces dire conditions.

Maria - the largest storm to hit the island in 90 years - has left more than half the island's residents without drinking water, destroyed roads and infrastructure and toppled power lines. "They're killing poors, they're killing lazies, and some, I assume, have said nice things about me'".

Trump famously called Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during a debate during the 2016 campaign.

His administration has transferred more than $US20.5 million ($A26.2 million) in federal funds to Puerto Rico to defray disaster expenses, FEMA said on its website.

In President Donald Trump's first public remarks in Puerto Rico, he shed nearly no light on the federal response to the crisis there.

Trump, meanwhile, has repeatedly praised his own response to the tragedy, saying, "We are doing a tremendous job in Puerto Rico".

The United States spends almost $600 billion each year on defense, and for some reason, it's hard to lend aid to an island.

"His awful and abominable view of him throwing paper towels and throwing provisions at people, it's really - it does not embody the spirit of the American nation", Cruz said in an interview with MSNBC Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the president tweeted about professional athletes protesting.

Trump, however, has not responded well to Cruz's request for help or subsequent digs.

Almost two weeks after Maria thrashed through the United States territory, seven percent of the island has electricity, more than 9,000 people are living in shelters, and just 40 percent of telecommunications are back up. "If anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy". "She wishes the president wasn't so dirty".

The team making the trip will help support local firefighters and paramedics in Puerto Rico, not take over their day-to-day jobs. Encouraging everyone to donate to relief efforts, Kimmel warned, "Please make sure they have all the paper toweling they need at this hard time". The volunteers who are going will spend 10 days on the island, providing an assessment of what other resources will be needed. "I think they finally understood".

"I told him, 'Mr. I was a 'nasty mayor, '" People reported. They shook hands and spoke briefly. "This guy is calling the president a moron; this is what we're dealing with".

"A great day in Puerto Rico yesterday".

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