Trump was right to come down on players

Trump was right to come down on players

Trump was right to come down on players

I am all for finding a way to protest racism or social injustice, the players now just must find new ways to do it.

Instead of condemning bigotry in this situation, Trump said there were some "fine" people involved at the rally. It's a showing of support, respect, and unity across all people.

People who are in opposition of players kneeling during the national anthem are mistaking what Kaepernick started as a protest of America. Kneeling isn't telling us anything and it's disrespectful. Unlike nationalism that claims a nation-state's or a race's superiority, patriotism surpasses such a fallacious notion.

Kalafer said that he encourages "peaceful protest" as well as "real, honest discussion" about issues of "social justice" in the USA, but believes there has been a lack of direction within the National Football League as to how the players should use their voices. "And they fight for freedom, they fight for the people, they fight for liberty and justice, for everyone". What these players are trying to do is drag attention to the vast racial divide in this country. It should never be that way. All are symbols protesting racial inequality in America. "The fact that they can not control these people-what they say, what they do, what they believe, whether they sit, whether they kneel, whether they stand-it eats him alive and it is something that he can not control", CNN contributor and Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill said. This community sees the worst of this country and has few options left but to protest.

Their kneeling took different forms, and some contortions seemed to suggest ambivalence, with players kneeling then rising once the music started; others lopsidedly clasped their kneeling neighbour as they remained standing.

The debate amongst Americans about protesting the national anthem has gotten louder in the past week. While it is a constitutional right of the player to do so, it is not acceptable on a grand stage.

"It's not about the anthem or the flag".

Last weekend, President Donald Trump said that players who didn't stand for the anthem should be fired. On Sunday, the entire Seahawks team did not participate in the national anthem. But in a broader sense, a much larger majority opposes athletes using the field of competition to play politics. We each have the right to express ourselves in any way we wish. Not right away, but the ripple effect of his simple and nonviolent protest (ironically placed at the beginning of violent entertainment) has resulted in the ongoing and growing protest in our midst.

Some teams have military veterans on their team.

"Various Miami Dolphins players wore t-shirts with "#IMWITHKAP" written on the chest, as they paid respect to the quarterback that brought this conversation to the table.

"They shouldn't be forced to stand, and neither should anyone else". Dislike protests that take the flag or the national anthem as their object?

At first, National Football League fans were reaching out to Kaepernick with words of support but rumors started going around that some of his teammates were unsettled with his decision. Fans want to see the sport be played because that is why they pay money to go to the games and watch the sport. I think right or wrong, people, when they watch sports, it's nearly like going to a movie or watching a TV show, [you] don't want to have any sort of negativity or social issue thrown in [your] face. Players can do that in their free time. To me, this is bigger than football.

We need more positive athletes who are not afraid to "voice" their opinion. That is 11 percent in just four short weeks; it will only get worse if these protests continue.

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