Police say Las Vegas shooter may have modified rifles with bump stocks

Police say Las Vegas shooter may have modified rifles with bump stocks

Police say Las Vegas shooter may have modified rifles with bump stocks

"It's a lot quicker, it kind of imitates a fully automatic but it's not an automatic", Stoehlien said.

Paddock's constant gunfire killed 58 people and wounded 500.


Instead, Republicans have been pushing a pair of NRA-backed bills to loosen firearms restrictions.

We've seen what words alone yield - more mass shootings, more casualties. Fears of more strict regulations tend to drive shoppers to buy more guns while they still can, but those stricter laws never materialized. Twelve devices known as bump stocks were found in the gunman's room. Authorities haven't told us yet.

There are countless ways to indulge your wild side in Las Vegas.

I doubt it, especially that Trump will make it happen, and I fear that in any event we won't grapple with the real problem. If the Vegas shooter had a Muslim name, if his skin was a little darker, I can't help but wonder how many people would want to discuss border policy or a ban of all Muslims. "We welcome that", she told reporters Thursday.

The man who unleashed hundreds of rounds of gunfire on a crowd of concertgoers in Las Vegas had devices attached to 12 weapons that allow semiautomatic rifles to mimic fully automatic gunfire.

Other Republican senators, including Orrin Hatch of Utah and John Thune of South Dakota, said they're considering whether changes are needed. Although I hear it's been delayed, for some reason. "This news is awful and what's happened is a great tragedy". The group also urged Congress to pass legislation that would require states to recognize right-to-carry permits issued by all other states.

CIA spokesman Jonathan Liu said "the Intelligence Community is aware of the claim of responsibility by a foreign terrorist organisation".

There are semi-automatic weapon can shoot ammunition of any caliber, size, and shape. "That is an accessory that can be used to modify a weapon like an AR-15 to allow it to fire in rapid succession or automatic fire".

A 2016 survey by the New York Times and Morning Consult found Americans overwhelmingly supported ideas such as universal background checks (86 percent), more treatment for mental illness (86 percent), banning sales to violent criminals (83 percent), tougher penalties for illegal possession (80 percent), mandatory waiting periods (77 percent), limiting frequency of purchases (67 percent) and many others.

Lombardo said she had been located in Tokyo, and would be questioned upon her return. "All's we know is that they were rifles", he added.

While guns capable of select- and full-auto fire were commonly available under the NFA, the 1986 Hughes Amendment halted production of new firearms for civilian transfers, sending prices skyrocketing for transferable "pre-86" weapons and components in the past 30 years.

One manufacturer of bump fire stocks, Slide Fire, states on its website it submitted the part to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and had it approved.

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