Blood donors asked to schedule appointments in coming days, weeks

Blood donors asked to schedule appointments in coming days, weeks

Blood donors asked to schedule appointments in coming days, weeks

Miller-Keystone officials said Las Vegas blood centers are able to handle the initial need.

AuBuchon said donating this week will help Bloodworks contribute when supplies in Las Vegas become low.

In his lifetime, Brewer has donated nine gallons of blood.

People are flooding to donate blood in the wake of Sunday's attack at an outdoor Jason Aldean concert.

Clark County Nevada sent out a message of thanks to those who are helping provide blood for people who have been injured. "That alone can be a very positive sign especially when you look at how much blood was lost". Because of the increased interest, UBS said that donors may experience extended wait times when scheduling on the phone or online.

The community's need for blood donations is daily, and it is the blood on the shelves that save lives when tragedies occur.

We'll be at Folsom Lake College this Wednesday from 10am - noon supporting BloodSource's blood drive, so please stop by and help support the relief effort. Additional donations from a center in Nevada were sent from the group to help victims in Las Vegas.

Richard Myers, a Bellefonte resident, said he has been donating blood and palettes for about 10 years on a regular basis.

On Oct. 2, the community blood bank announced its sister agency, United Blood Services in Las Vegas, provided almost 200 units of blood and blood products in the wake of the Oct. 1 shooting.

Staff at Bonfils say by having a consistent set of donations, the blood they collect here can go wherever it needs to across town or around the nation.

The initial terror of an active shooter situation is over but as hundreds recover, the need for life saving blood is increasing.

If you're feeling helpless, remember one thing: You're not.

According to ARC they have given over 250 units of blood.

The recent tragedy in Las Vegas deeply affected many people.

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