Oregon Rep. Greg Walden Questions Former Equifax CEO

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden Questions Former Equifax CEO

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden Questions Former Equifax CEO

Smith says they weren't prepared to deal with so many consumers all at once.

"Mr. Smith, it seems to me that you've accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish", Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) said Tuesday.

Mandiant, the cybersecurity firm hired by Equifax to investigate the breach, has completed its analysis of affected consumers and did not find evidence of another attack or newly accessed databases, Equifax said. "Until we get those answers, Equifax should not be rewarded for reckless data protection with a $US7.25 ($9) million IRS contract".

US companies and government agencies have disclosed 1,022 breaches this year, data from the Identity Theft Resource Center show.

The filing described Equifax as a "sole source order", which means the IRS believes the company is the only business capable of providing the service.

On multiple occasions, Smith referred to an "individual" in Equifax's technology department who had failed to heed security warnings and did not ensure the implementation of software fixes that would have prevented the breach.

"Was there ever a suspicious activity that led to, within a 48-hour period, a sale of stock?" "It was this unpatched vulnerability that allowed hackers to access personal identifying information". Former CEO Richard Smith retired (banking as much as a $90 million payday), as did its chief information officer and chief security officer. He said he was alerted the following day, but was not aware of the scope of the stolen data.

Schakowsky said "for a lot of Americans, that just doesn't pass the smell test".

"The company has been around for 118 years and for most of those 118 years has done good things", Smith said. But despite numerous internal discussions, Equifax did not publicly announce the breach until September 7. Lawmakers accused Equifax of being too lax about securing consumer data, noting that there had been previous breaches over the past four years.

"I worry that your job today is damage control". "Unfortunately, if fraudsters destroy my constituents' savings and financial futures, there's no golden parachute awaiting them".

In addition to Congressional inquiries, Equifax faces a number of state and federal probes related to the hack. "The scale of this hack was enormous and we struggled with the initial effort to meet the challenges that effective remediation posed", Smith said.

However, it said the review added about 2.5 million Americans to the list of those affected by the massive cyberattack, bringing the total number of people in the USA potentially impacted to 145.5 million.

The company says in later communication that it "acted immediately to stop the intrusion". He said this to assure Congress members that core credit report files were not compromised or altered.

"The slow rollout and how poorly it was done".

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