Gov. Wolf urges Congress to reauthorize children's health insurance

Gov. Wolf urges Congress to reauthorize children's health insurance

Gov. Wolf urges Congress to reauthorize children's health insurance

They might have better luck renewing the CHIP program, which costs about $15 billion a year and insures about 9 million children.

Beatrice also had bruising on her chest, which can be a sign of meningitis. It also covers outpatient hospital and emergency care. They don't burn through the federal money all at once, and leftover funds can be rolled over into the following year's funding. "They'll really be faced with tough decisions and a lot of uncertainty". Healthier kids spend more time in school, and their parents miss less time at work.

The Bloomberg news service reported last week that Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon, said a bipartisan deal for a multiyear extension was close but that the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act - which failed - got in the way. Others are anticipating cuts to other CHIP-funded programs, including coverage for low-income pregnant women and children.

Gov. Tom Wolf announced the need for Congress to address the reauthorization of the Children's Health Insurance Program, before an enormous amount of Pennsylvania children are left without health care. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates the number of children covered under CHIP in Montana at 44,668. Without a renewal of federal funds, Maine would run out of money for CHIP in June 2018, according to the Maine Children's Alliance. In fact, if funding is not soon restored, states will quickly drain what little money they have left for CHIP. They imposed a freeze on enrollment, though those already in the program could remain as long as their families remained eligible. "I think it speaks to the dysfunction of Washington".

Monday, on the nation's 88th Child Health Day, Congress is reflecting on its failure to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program, which technically expired Friday amid House attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The Senate Finance Committee will mark up its bill on Wednesday, while the House Energy and Commerce Committee will do the same for its newly unveiled measure (PDF).

A committee hearing is set for tomorrow to reauthorize funding for another five years. Capriotti said there should be enough to carry Arizona through October and November.

Fortunately, Congress appears to be coming to grips with the issue.

Congress finally seems ready to take action on the Children's Health Insurance Program after funding lapsed September 30. "Good stewardship has created a reserve in funding, so health care coverage for 160,000 children and youth in Alabama, who benefit from CHIP, will continue at least through February", Alabama Medicaid Commissioner Stephanie Azar said. "However, we are exploring ways to continue coverage temporarily by carrying over FY 2017 CHIP funds so that their prenatal and postpartum care continues uninterrupted".

Nevada officials said if funding is not extended it might have to freeze enrollment on November 1 and end coverage by November 30. "The ones that are on Medicaid, we'd have to figure out something if CHIP goes away".

"We could try to buy private insurance, but I honestly don't know if we could afford it outright with no subsidies". The program costs about $1 million, but likely saves more by reducing the odds patients will need amputations, dialysis or treatments for uncontrolled diabetes, she said - in addition to preventing the suffering associated with those complications. Her husband has a master's degree in public administration.

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