'SNL' tickles Ryan Gosling, bashes Trump

'SNL' tickles Ryan Gosling, bashes Trump

'SNL' tickles Ryan Gosling, bashes Trump

Of course, Baldwin wasn't sure as of Thursday exactly what his reprise would entail, telling USA Today, "We really don't know, nor do we try to figure that out as early as Thursday".

The host of the show was Ryan Gosling, who was appearing to promote the forthcoming sci-fi sequel "Blade Runner 2049". The more chaos I cause, the less people can focus. "I was like, 'Me?" Ryan Gosling starred in the fake commercial for style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation that defies labels. "I guess it was dying and I saved it".

The recent Emmy victor and all-around comedic joy came in hot in the cold open, but it was the sketch "Another Close Encounter" about alien abduction that had everyone breaking character. But rather than overload on topical sketches during its premiere, SNL opted to keep most Trump-related items to its cold open and "Weekend Update" segments.

A very smugly knowing, apparently delusional Gosling sits down and pretends to play the piano while giving a history lesson on how jazz spread from "Nerlans" to "Chicagy" and finally all the way to "NYC City". Unlike all of the others times he broke throughout the episode, this instance was entirely justified. But make no mistake: This was the first part of McKinnon's next Emmy reel. Ms. Poking fun at blind taste-test commercials that somehow aren't obvious to the testers ("This is a warehouse with three tables"), diners played by Kyle Mooney, Villasenor, Redd, Gardner, Gosling, and Strong are told that the pasta they've been eating at "Terrazano's" is actually Pizza Hut, which somehow infuriates Strong and Gosling's characters.

Alec Baldwin dressed in Trump-casual golf attire for the cold open, which focused on Trump's response - or lack thereof - to the crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and also his response to the National Football League protests.

Michael Che also got into the act: "This isn't that complicated, man". "Can I speak to you just for a second?" she inquired.

"Henrietta, why?" Yes, why?! It's like whenever anybody darker than your golf trousers has a problem, you're thinking: "How can I make this worse?" Why was Gosling cracking up when there were barely any laughs?

Following the show, the "La La Land" actor was accompanied by partner Eva Mendes, Jay-Z and Beyoncé and a slew of celebs for an after party at Tao in NYC.

The rest of the core cast, led by two-time Emmy victor Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson, will be back. And what missed the mark?

Baldwin has confirmed that he will be back in action this season beginning with an appearance in the Season 43 premiere this weekend on NBC.

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